Recovery Audit Tailored to Your Industry

We maximize profit by customizing the audit to your unique business environment

All business entities experience payment errors.

ATG is adept at customizing audit programs to meet the unique needs of each client. All industries benefit from the identification of open credits, duplicate payments and missed cash discounts & allowances.

As part of our no cost analysis we also evaluate your procure-to-pay environment to determine if contract compliance reviews, escheatment, taxes paid on exempt items are warranted.

We customize the audit to your unique business environment.

Our cloud based systems provide clients on-demand access to a variety of procure-to-pay errors and other analytics.

Procure To Pay Errors & Other Analytics

  • Duplicate Vendor
  • Inactive Vendor
  • One Time Vendors
  • Grief vendors – Credits of Transactions
  • Grief vendors – Days to pay and payments outside terms
  • Vendor address variances
  • Inactive Employee on AP File
  • OFAC Reports
  • Fraudulent Vendors (potentially different reports but generates many false positives)*
  • Exception Amounts (10 X Median I​nvoice)
  • Key Entry Errors
  • Cash Discount Optimization​​​​
  • Compliance Reporting *
  • Escheatment – Open Check Report
  • P-Card candidates – High transaction low dollar
  • Historical reports by month/year/day for transactions, checks, by location, by clerk

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