We Transform Your Data to On-Demand Visibility of Vendor

Performance and Trade Fund Effectiveness

Profit Growth  |  Improved Vendor Collaboration  |  Lower Net Costs

We've helped companies like:

"TradeView Analytics™ has helped us engage with our vendors in a more

meaningful way" Richard Gunn, SVP, Merchandising & Marketing, Weis.


On-Demand Visibility to Vendor Performance

Easily identify and share with your vendor partners opportunities at item, brand, and category levels including net cost and benchmark across the user share group.

Fact-based Vendor Collaboration to Optimize Margins

Confidently negotiate lowest net cost and improve trade fund effectiveness using data-driven insights with gap analysis.

Trade Fund Assurance

Detect and correct trade fund misses, near real-time, putting money back to work fast and eliminating subsequent recovery audit claims.

What is the Lack of Vendor Performance
Visibility Costing You?

Missed sales, margin, and profit opportunities

Ineffective joint business planning

Available Trade Funds


1. Schedule a No-Cost Assessment

We analyze your data to establish program scope and level of effort to onboard your data.

2. Program Implementation

We onboard your data and provide on-demand visibility of vendor performance and trade fund effectiveness.

3. Experience Business Growth

Our Advisory team works with your team to support data-driven joint business planning sessions with suppliers.

What Clients Are Saying...

"My team has a better understanding of our fair share of funding among our peers, quickly identifying our opportunities and using that knowledge to recognize our vendor partners’ existing support, while building strategies that ensure profitable sales growth for both."

Richard Gunn | SVP, Merchandising & Marketing, Weis

"ATG fundamentally changed how we approach Joint Business Planning with the information available in a very short period of time..." See full review

Tim Horton, Vice President, Center Store, Schnucks Market

"ATG's Solution helps companies be better performers and it also helps retailers hold suppliers more accountable. The beauty is it presents the key"... See full review

John Franklin, Former Sr. VP of Finance, Brookshire Grocery Co

Many retailers struggle to lower net costs and validate trade funds received.  ATG transforms your data into vendor performance and trade fund visibility that results in improved joint business planning, trade fund effectiveness, and increased profit.

Downloadable case study

See how the use of TradeView Analytics™ had a considerable impact for one of our clients.

what makes atg different?

We know that you could improve profit with lower net costs if you had on-demand vendor performance visibility.  Retailers have plenty of data, but poor insight.  We believe in today's world of big data you should have vendor performance visibility to confidently negotiate all the way down to dead net item cost.

We understand how important and challenging it is to achieve the lowest net cost.  That's why we created TradeView and TradeChek Analytics which has helped companies like Weis Markets, Schnucks Markets, and Big Y achieve profit growth.

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